Blended Skincare & Facial Treatments


This is a self-paced course, which means that all the content is available and you are free to move ahead at your own pace. There are 6 zoom sessions that will guide you through the learning process and 2 skills development practical sessions.

21FC – Practical training 24th October & 28th November 2021 plus virtual classroom starting 25th October 2021

22FA – Practical training 12th February & 19th March 2021 plus virtual classroom starting 14th February 2022

22FB – Practical training 13th May & 10th June 2022 plus virtual classroom starting 16th May 2022

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There are 7 topics in the facial course covering the following:

Session 1: Preparation of your working area, self and client for treatment
Session 2: Cleansing, toning moisturising & product knowledge
Session 3: Mask, exfoliation & heat treatments with manual extractions
Session 4: Skin types and conditions
Session 5: Facial, neck & shoulder massage
Session 6: Consultation & Skin analysis
Session 7: Aftercare and advice

You will also have access to the Level 2 anatomy & physiology as well as the principles & practices of beauty therapy.

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21FB, 21FC, 22FA, 22FB

Course Requirements:

You will be expected to practice throughout the 6-week programme and therefor must be prepared to invest in a treatment couch, equipment and products. We do not specify which range of products you use, however, they must be for professional usage as you need to have access to the ingredients and their correct use. You will need to bring your products with you to use within the practical training sessions.