Level 3 Electrotherapy Facial Treatments


Advanced aesthetic skincare is a growing industry with many prominent skincare companies including electrotherapy to their signature facials. In order to work with advanced aesthetic skincare procedures such as plasma, dermal rolling, dermaplaning, and peels, an in-depth understanding of the skin, its healing capabilities, and how skin varies with internal and external influences is essential.

Many insurance companies require a level 3 electrotherapy qualification in order to cover these advanced treatments.This is a flexible learning 1-1 program. Once booked, you will be contacted to ensure that we can meet your requirements.Add to cart and select BACS payment to set up a payment plan


Understanding the basic science of electrotherapy

Session 1

Consultation techniques & skin analysis

Theory & practice of High frequency direct & indirect

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study – Skin & effects of the ageing process

Session 2

Assessment of facial including high-frequency treatment.

Theory & practice of vacuum suction

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study – circulation & lymphatic system

Session 3

Assessment of facial including vacuum suction treatment

Theory & practice iontophoresis

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study skeletal system

Session 4

Assessment of facial including iontophoresis treatment.

Theory & practice of desincrustation

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study -Muscular system

Session 5

Assessment of facial including desincrustation treatment.

Theory & practice microcurrent

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study the nervous system

Session 6

Assessment of facial including microcurrent treatment.

Theory & practice of EMS

Treatment planning – How to integrate the treatment into a facial

Home study all systems

Session 7

Assessment of facial including EMS treatment.

Evolve online exam

Session 8

Final Assessment 1 of facial  including high-frequency treatment

Final Assessment 1 of facial  including vacuum suction treatment

Session 9

Final Assessment 1 of facial  including galvanic treatment

Final Assessment 1 of facial  including microcurrent treatment

To discuss your suitability for this course and to find out more, please book a personalised career guidance call

Additional information


City & Guilds level 3 Award -Provide facial electrotherapy treatments.
This course will teach you the basics of electrotherapy safety and how to use: high frequency – direct and indirect; Galvanic – desincrustation, and iontophoresis; EMS (faradic); Vacuum suction and micro-current to enhance the condition of facial skin.

Program structure:

This program is offered on a 1-1 basis so you can be assured of individual attention and support.  Most of the work will be practical however there is a reasonable amount of theory-related learning which, through an online learning course includes videos, reading, activities & quizzes.
You will work on models during the initial stages of the course, and will quickly progress to real clients.


Access to this training requires the therapist to have completed a regulated (NVQ or VRQ) level 2 skincare & facial treatments qualification and be working within the industry having access to clients, products and a professional working environment.


You will be provided with the specialised products needed to work with the electrotherapy equipment, however, you will be required to provide skincare products for facial treatments


The practical will be assessed carrying out four treatments on clients once you have fulfilled the pre-assessment requirements. You need to have completed a minimum of four facial electrotherapy treatments on a client. During the practical sessions, you will be given guidance and feedback so by the time you come to take the assessment you will feel comfortable with the process. The theory assessment is an online multiple-choice test. Whilst it is hoped that you will compete within the course timescales, if this is not possible, an alternative date will be scheduled.


The cost of the training is £947.00 – booking fee £353, which includes exam fees.
You will be required to provide your facial tools and towels and notify your insurance company that you are undertaking this training and require temporary insurance cover for the pieces of equipment. You will be liable for the safe return of electrotherapy equipment.

Booking process:

As this is a flexible learning program, you should purchase this program and select BACS as the payment method. You will be contacted to identify your availability and to put you in touch with an educator to take you through the program. Once you have identified an individual learning plan, you will pay the booking fee of £353 and come to the centre to enroll as a City & Guild's learner. You will pay the training fee directly to the educator, terms to be agreed and will be invoiced for the certification fee once they have completed the required assessments


Each session requires 3 hours which can be scheduled to meet the needs of the learner. Sessions can be combined.

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