We don’t just run courses…

We create Complementary Therapists and Businesses

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YOU WANT a change of career or new interest in complementary therapies BUT your children still need you some of the time… AND, you know it will take some time to rebuild your confidence. You’re WORRIED that when they no longer need you full time, it will leave a huge void in your life.

So, you have a CHOICE, wait around until it’s too late, or start your learning journey now, focus on your DREAM, BELIEVE in yourself and learn at your own pace to ACHIEVE.

With our Holistic and Complementary Therapy Training, you can open up your career to endless possibilities, start one of our beginner courses and gradually work your way through to our masterclasses.


City & Guilds regulated qualifications are essential to safeguard your career and to ensure progression


All the learning is supported through online learning through the Therapy Learning Resources platform and App


The more you can offer your clients, the more you serve them. Continued professional development is a necessity for some associations


There is no need to go back to basics if you need a refresher, we can create a bespoke training day for you or a coaching and mentoring service for business development


See the host of independent specialists from around the UK coming to Chelmsford


We don’t just run courses, we are a Phoenix Family. We create therapists and change lives. We care about our industry and the well-being of our clients, offering life long learning experiences.






It’s not just us that think we do a great job at Holistic and Complementary Therapy Training, creating therapists and careers, we have won 3 Business Awards for Education & Lifelong learning, Awarded by Chelmsford College & Prospects College and Best Training Programmes by Mid-Essex Business Awards

Not only do we all hold regulated qualifications in teaching and our subject areas, but we also have extensive industry experience so teach from the first-hand experience which we use to help guide you in the right direction and support and coach you through your learning journey


Our Friends of Phoenix are more than happy to help you through your learning journey to provide a realistic working environment for you to perfect your treatment techniques and management skills. The clients are emailed the appointment availability and book online. Therapists have access to this information and can contact the client prior to the treatment to carry out the initial consultation which starts the relationship process.

We understand the adult returner needing to juggle commitments to work and family. Creating a bespoke learning plan ensures that you will succeed at your own pace. A lifelong learning guarantee means that you can keep going even if ‘life’ gets in the way. You are part of the Phoenix family and are welcome to attend additional training sessions, zoom calls and workshops to get you back on track.

Continued professional development (CPD) is essential, not only to comply with professional membership but to ensure that you keep ahead of the game and grow your professional practice. The Phoenix Industry support network ensures you have up to date information with local community events including Pamper days, Business partner projects and industry opportunities. 

Creating Therapists and Changing Lives

Start your learning journey today, join our FREE Discover Complementary Therapies Programme to discover how you can create an Ultimate Career Transformation


    • A 50-page downloadable PDF guide to understanding the complementary therapy industry
    • A guest pass to a practical workshop to learn some skills that you can use on family and friends
    • Enrolment to our online 'Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology course
    • Innvitation to meet our therapists and receive a treatment
    • A discovery personal guidance call with Louise, to see how Phoenix can fit into your life around your current commitments


Angela Woodward

“All the educators at Phoenix are quick to bolster any student having a rough day and not only taught us to have faith in ourselves and that we were worth it, but there was no judgement passed. Phoenix taught me I can do things I never thought I could. Without this encouragement, I would never have been able to leave my job and become a therapist.”

Penelope Morrison

“After 28 years of working in the Civil Service, I took voluntary redundancy to embark on a new career. I now have my own treatment room, specialise in maternity, fertility and facial reflexology and have the best job, working hours I choose and meeting lots of wonderful clients and other Therapists.”


“I was a teacher at a secondary school – I was getting married to a man that travels the world on business and couldn’t go with him as I was tied to school holidays. Retraining in Complimentary Therapies has enabled me to take early retirement from teaching and start my own business being a mobile Reflexologist and also a massive bonus of being able to tag along when my Husband goes abroad on business!”

Jeanette Richer

“I admit that before training, I was concerned about being an older trainee but I didn’t have to worry at all, it’s very welcoming and I went on to book further courses. The entire process was great, easy to understand the courses and you fit in very well with everyone. I can’t praise them enough for expanding my knowledge and realising you are never too old to change your working career.”

Leanne Barr

“I am a Mum of two lovely boys and when they both started school I felt a bit lost and wanted a job I would enjoy and would fit in around the kids. As I finished school so many years ago I was worried as to whether I would be able to study and learn all the A&P, as well as mixing with new people. I am so pleased I chose Phoenix as they have a very high standard of teaching which I have since learnt is really hard to find. And they really do want you to succeed. And even after the course had finished Louise was always there for advice.”

Vicky Arrowsmith

I was working in London and knew but really wanted to change my career.  After completing my beauty course, I worked in a salon part-time whilst completing my level 3 Holistic therapies.

I went on to work mobile and am now home-based. I absolutely love my job making other people feel good gives me a real buzz and working for myself fits perfectly around my family. The best move I ever made


Sarah West

Entering this industry was the best thing I ever did, I love my job. Coming from a world of being on the phone every day, it’s really refreshing to speak to clients face to face and it becomes a chance to visit them to have a good chin wag. I am so thankful for all I’ve learnt so far, I believe it saved me and I am looking forward to learning so much more. Life is for living and seeing your clients happy and relaxed is priceless. The beauty industry is so much more than just polishing nails, it’s a life change

Sue Walker-Newson

I wanted to get away from sitting in an office shovelling papers and helping rich people make more money.  I wanted to do something worthwhile and make a difference to people. I began training in massage with Louise, which began with an interview.  She assessed us and our learning skills, I joined the course and never looked back.  I followed this up with Reflexology and whilst on that course did Mian Dui too.

Becca Wrigglesworth

“At Phoenix, you are educated in running a business as well as the treatments.  You learn the codes of conduct and health and safety.  After your practical assessments and assignments, there are the case studies and the anatomy and physiology exams.  You are encouraged to become a member of the Association of Reflexologists.  It was exciting at the age of 52 to be achieving letters after my name and it is reassuring for clients to know we have been trained properly.” 

Rose McLeod

My journey started when I was working for Farleigh Hospice and began doing palliative massage.  I was interested in complementary therapy and pain management.  I wanted to train in Swedish Massage and did my initial training at ACL in Chelmsford.  However, I was finding that at The J’s Hospice more of the patients were requesting reflexology as it is more accessible.  You can do it on someone in a wheelchair and there is no need for the patient to get undressed.  Phoenix was really the best place to learn it, there are not that many establishments that do the AOR accredited training.  My tutor was nominated for Tutor of the Year at the Federation of Holistic Therapists. 

Michelle Delamain

I am passionate about giving back and being someone who has experienced Mental Health, I want to be able to help those that are suffering day to day and also the worldwide pandemic Covid-19 we are dealing with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Sleeping Problems and more


Louise Searles

Director of Training & Founder

Michelle Andreou

 Reflexology – Massage – Mian Dui – Mian Shenti Pregnancy treatments, Crystal-Chakraology, Reflexology to suport cancer

Kerry-Lee - Just Pampered

Electrotherapy, Beauty Therapy upskill, Route2Regulated skills assessor

Jane Jaques

Reflexology assessor

Beverley Burnett

Aromatherapy educator, massage & reflexology quality assurance

Rowan Andrews

Indian head massage


Laura Holdstock

SOMERSET – Partner site -Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Cancer Touch Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Skincare & Facial Treatments

Kathy Scott

NORTH YORKSHIRE – Partner site -Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Cancer Touch Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Skincare & Facial Treatments

Sarah Mathews

CLEETHORPES –  Partner site -Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Cancer Touch Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Skincare & Facial Treatments

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