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Phoenix Holistic & Complementary Therapy Training don’t just run courses, we create therapists……..  

To do this, we offer a great deal of practical experience creating a realistic working environment for the therapists to become confident and proficient professionals ready for their own business opportunity or employment. That’s why we need you.  

By becoming a ‘Friend of Phoenix’ we are delighted that you have signed up and look forward to seeing you are able to enjoy some lovely treatments, at less than industry prices, whilst helping our therapists through their learning journey to become confident professionals in the Holistic & Complementary Therapy Industry.

Depending on the situation, we will either make appointments on your behalf or ask you to book directly to the FRESHA app.  Please check the appointment times carefully and don’t try to book alternative times, the system may allow you to do so but if it’s the wrong class, we will need to cancel it.
You will be asked to confirm the booking with card details, this is stored securely by the FRESHA App and we do not hold any payment information. The payment will be activated after the treatment has been received.  You will receive an initial screening form to complete prior to each booking, this is necessary as your therapist only accesses information relating to the specific treatment booking.

If you need to speak to anyone about your suitability for treatment or for more information please call Louise 07813068560.


  • You are entitled to a 20% discount on all NYRO & 10% off DERMALOGICA products, however, there are also many special offers and extra discounts available.
  • Please check treatment information and preventative conditions as we are unable to treat them in some instances. We are unable to treat any client who is in their first trimester of pregnancy, undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and in some instances will require a GP permission letter if undergoing medical treatment to receive most body treatments.  If you have had surgery within 12 months this may affect your suitability too, so please do ask.
  • The duration of most treatments is an hour and a half; please ensure you make this time available for the service, especially for facials and massage.
  • The consultation and aftercare parts are really important.  I know some of you have heard the same thing many times, however, it is usually the first few times for our therapists and your patience and involvement is really appreciated.
  • Please be aware that we do have male therapists and we are unable to specify if your therapist will be male.


By signing up to this mailing, you are agreeing to us emailing you on a fairly regular basis with news, offers & appointments that we have. 


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