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Set out is the organisation’s policy with regard to providing equal opportunities for candidates seeking to gain qualifications through training. The organisation is committed to equality of opportunity in training towards City & Guilds examinations.


  • The organisation aims to ensure the following:
  • The content and assessment of the training allows for the widest diversity of candidates
  • The content of the training programmes are not discriminatory and are appropriate to the knowledge and skills specified.
  • The style and language used within the training are readily understood and does not reflect stereotyped or biased attitudes.
  • Its promotional materials and activities reflect the diversity of candidates
  • Its assessors apply a fair and just process

In order to achieve the successful implementation of this policy, the organisation will:

  • Issue the policy statement to its entire staff and make it available in the student’s handbook.
  • Provide development activity appropriate to the needs of its staff and assessors on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that issues of equal opportunity are addressed as an integral part of scheme development, scheme review and assessment guidance
  • Provide candidates with an effective appeals procedure.
  • Provide candidates with a copy of City & Guilds Access to assessment – equal opportunities policy if requested.
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