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Set out is the organisation’s policy with regard to providing equal opportunities for candidates seeking to gain qualifications through training. The organisation is committed to equality of opportunity in training towards City & Guilds examinations.


  • The organisation aims to ensure the following:
  • The content and assessment of the training allows for the widest diversity of candidates
  • The content of the training programmes are not discriminatory and are appropriate to the knowledge and skills specified.
  • The style and language used within the training are readily understood and does not reflect stereotyped or biased attitudes.
  • Its promotional materials and activities reflect the diversity of candidates
  • Its assessors apply a fair and just process

In order to achieve the successful implementation of this policy, the organisation will:

  • Issue the policy statement to its entire staff and make it available in the student’s handbook.
  • Provide development activity appropriate to the needs of its staff and assessors on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that issues of equal opportunity are addressed as an integral part of scheme development, scheme review and assessment guidance
  • Provide candidates with an effective appeals procedure.
  • Provide candidates with a copy of City & Guilds Access to assessment – equal opportunities policy if requested.

"All the educators at Phoenix are quick to bolster any student having a rough day and not only taught us to have faith in ourselves and that we were worth it, but there was no judgement passed. Phoenix taught me I can do things I never thought I could. Without this encouragement, I would never have been able to leave my job and become a therapist."

Angela Woodward
Therapist at Helena Rollason Cancer Care Centre

"After 28 years of working in the Civil Service, I took voluntary redundancy to embark on a new career. I now have my own treatment room, specialise in maternity, fertility and facial reflexology and have the best job, working hours I choose and meeting lots of wonderful clients and other Therapists."

Penelope Morrison

"I was a teacher at a secondary school - I was getting married to a man that travels the world on business and couldn't go with him as I was tied to school holidays. Retraining in Complimentary Therapies has enabled me to take early retirement from teaching and start my own business being a mobile Reflexologist and also a massive bonus of being able to tag along when my Husband goes abroad on business!"

Moonstone therapies

"I admit that before training, I was concerned about being an older trainee but I didn't have to worry at all, it's very welcoming and I went on to book further courses. The entire process was great, easy to understand the courses and you fit in very well with everyone. I can't praise them enough for expanding my knowledge and realising you are never too old to change your working career."

Jeanette Richer
Reflexology & Holistic Therapist

"I am a Mum of two lovely boys and when they both started school I felt a bit lost and wanted a job I would enjoy and would fit in around the kids. As I finished school so many years ago I was worried as to whether I would be able to study and learn all the A&P, as well as mixing with new people. I am so pleased I chose Phoenix as they have a very high standard of teaching which I have since learnt is really hard to find. And they really do want you to succeed. And even after the course had finished Louise was always there for advice."

Leanne Barr
Suburban Escape