Deep Tissue Massage


The investment in this training covers 2 therapists that allow you to utilise advanced massage techniques that will take your massage practice to the next level.  Having these techniques in your ‘toolbox’.

* makes your massage unique to you

* is less of a strain on your own body

* is less work with better results

Workshops can be arranged to suit your schedule, 9.30 am – 4.30pm – Contact us to arrange a date

Phoenix therapists are  eligible for the  ‘Earn to Learn scheme’

12 in stock

12 in stock

You will learn how to use soft fists/knuckles and forearm/elbows to work deeper with less strain. We also include passive stretching whereby the therapist stretches the client on the massage bed. The use of stretching is very beneficial especially after deep tissue work as it helps realign muscle fibres and return muscles to their correct length, releasing tension.

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9.30am – 4.00pm
This workshop can also be booked on a 1-1 basis on a mutually convenient date.

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