Who else wants to grow their therapy business this year, make more money, serve more customers and be more fulfilled than ever before, despite the economic carnage that’s going on around us……?

You know, we’re in an interesting position as therapists, the reality is that a good chunk of our market is likely to prove very resilient in 2023

For many of our clients, treatments are important, they’re using therapies to enhance their well-being, and they want to feel good and look after themselves.

And so, a good chunk of business in our market is likely to be relatively unaffected by the cost-of-living crisis and any economic downturn. But there will be some clients who either delay or defer coming to see you for treatment. Some, however, and you might be finding this already, are going longer between treatments, or maybe not coming back at all.

As therapists, it’s our job to make sure that we are as well positioned as possible to get as many of the clients that are ready to spend into our clinics or to get the bookings to fill our diaries.

And at times like this when the going gets a bit tough (as it does in any business from time to time) that we need to look for additional ways in which we can serve our clients better. At Phoenix, we help therapists to create a proper business that is sustainable in times of crisis and that doesn’t always mean just doing more treatment courses.

You may have already noticed that the most resilient businesses are those with a great deal of experience and more skills than just the reflexology or massage skills they left college with.  We have found that therapists in their first 3 years of a business are still very much floundering when it comes to leveraging their time for money, upselling, ensuring they have solutions to their client’s problems and being THE one that the client just cannot do without each month.

We need many more tools. In our toolbox when we are qualified as a practitioner as our clients have ever-increasing needs. The more tools you have, the easier it will be to gain and keep clients and ultimately make more money, have more freedom and the ability to choose how you spend your time.

There are 10 tools that you need in addition to your mainstream therapy.

  • Whether you realise it or not, you are working with energy when you provide reflexology or massage treatments. Understanding the basics about the human energy system and energies around us for personal growth and energetic management is profound, not only for you but your client who may see colours, and images or feel unusual sensations.  With these tools, you can channel the energies specifically to enhance your treatments and make a significant difference to their overall experience with you.
  • Did you know that some essential oils can be detrimental to animals and are hormone disruptors if used excessively? Diffusers, oils, and room sprays are very overused without due care and attention, your insurance probably wouldn’t cover you for their use unless you have additional knowledge. Get to know 6 of the most useful essential oils, the safety precautions, contra-indications & storage so you can not only be safe but educate your clients too.
  • Have you been fortunate to find that a client has become pregnant? A wonderful journey that reflexology and massage can provide so many additional benefits.  You have probably been taught that you cannot treat your client in the first 12 weeks of their pregnancy, and this is an opportunity for her to find something else to spend her money on. However, with additional thorough training, you can support her right from the start of this miraculous journey.
  • Take 3 big breaths for me… How many times have you heard this but not really known if you’re doing it correctly? As practitioners, we are constantly striving to be the most effective therapists whilst juggling the demands of running a small business – which can be stressful. Understanding the power of the breath can help reduce stress, reduce anxiety, aid in more restful sleep, support relaxation and strengthens the immune system, ensuring that we have little or no downtime from our earning potential.
  • Just as your central nervous system regulates and manages your physical body so your chakra system regulates and manages messages within your subtle or etheric body. By practising self-chakra balancing, we can release blocked energies and create harmony in these areas to nurture physical and emotional well-being. “Performing self-chakra on a daily or weekly basis is a wonderful way to take care of our mind, body and spirit,” Be the change that your clients want…Once you have these tools you can use them on your clients to add value to their lives too.
  • The skin is the largest organ your body has, and your clients will be spending their money on looking after it. Why let them spend at the large retailers when they could be making better choices by gaining simple skincare advice from you? You don’t have to hold stock or ‘sell’ them anything, just listen to their concerns and make sensible recommendations whilst increasing your earning potential. Gaining skincare knowledge also provides you with the opportunity to add a complimentary mindfulness facial to their treatment to add a touch of indulgence and keep them coming back for more.
  • Why should clients invest in ‘YOU’ if you’re not prepared to invest in yourself? Your mindset can affect your learning journey and therapy practice – and not always in a good way! From meditation and mindfulness to affirmations and the laws of attraction, if you learn techniques to help you replace negative or limiting traits with a positive mindset it can go on to benefit many areas of your business.
  • What would happen if your client was no longer able to have their feet treated? Could you transfer your skills to the face? Could you offer double appointments or combinations of rituals to increase your average client spend?  Mian Dui facial ritual, empower you to take your foot map and apply it to the face; equip you with another treatment to add to your menu and give you the confidence to work on the face, using bony landmarks and different skills and tools as well as additional aftercare advice to improve your client’s wellbeing
  • Data for June 2022 shows ambulances took an average of 51 minutes and 38 seconds to respond to emergency calls such as heart attacks and strokes. Wouldn’t you like to be confident in delivering CPR and managing a client in a cardiac arrest within your treatment room? Would you be confident in using a defibrillator? Do you understand exactly what immediate CPR does? Would you recognise a patient who is having a heart attack or stroke and what might be the signs they are about to go into cardiac arrest? Your clients will feel safe in your hands if you do.
  • Being a great therapist is only part of the requirements for a proper sustainable business. Knowing how to get and keep customers is essential and your message needs to cut above the noise across social media platforms. You need business-building skills, from crafting your message, setting up a Facebook and Instagram page, establishing a Google presence, using Canva to enhance your business and creating a professional persona.

Throughout our 21 years of creating therapists, we have always listened to and adapted what we offer.  We’ve helped hundreds of therapists start and grow meaningful businesses and we would like you to be one of our top-performing ones.

This is a blended programme with support from open-access background knowledge through the Therapy Learning Resources platform and a 6-week virtual classroom 1-hour session via Google Meet.

Tuesday 8.00-9.00pm 10th, 17th & 31st January, 7th, 14th & 21st February 2023

Session 1: – Understand your ‘WHY’, define your terms & understand the numbers.

Session 2: – Create the strategy and understand the financials

Session 3: – Understanding your market and how best to speak to them

Session 4:- Working ON your business rather than IN your business

Session 5 – Accountability and legal requirements

Session 6:- Your business scorecard, sustainability and growth

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