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We offer a range of Reiki training courses, including Reiki First Degree, Second Degree, Mastership and Reiki Drum Practitioner. Whether you’re looking to learn Reiki fro personal healing or to become a certified practitioner, our courses are designed to provide you with the tools and techniques you need to become confident and competent in your Reiki practice.

Facial reflexology for peripenopause

Learn how to support your clients through perimenopause and beyond with effective and powerful facial reflexology maps and points that can be incorporated into any facial treatment

Foot reading (solestry)

Foot reading (or solestry) is analysing the structure and texture of the feet to understand emotions and personality.

The biggest misconception people have is to think you have to be psychic to be able to do a foot reading. It’s nothing to do with being psychic. It’s all about analysing the structure and texture and imbalances of the feet to understand someone’s emotions and personality. I’ve taught children as young as 12 and adults from all walks of life. Check out my foot reading seminars on my Workshops page. You can even learn foot reading from the comfort of your own home via my new elearning seminar.

The other misconception is that it will tell you about your foot health. If you have concerns about your foot health, see a registered chiropodist, podiatrist or your own doctor.


This is a short introductory course created by Ross Emmett so that everyone would have the opportunity to use some of his work to help themselves, friends and family.  It is primarily designed for non-professionals, however, it is also an ideal low cost introduction for trained therapists to see what EMMETT is all about.  The course contains 11 moves which have been specially selected from the EMMETT Technique Practitioner Course.  The course is conducted over 8 hours.  No prior experience is necessary to attend a course.  It can be attended by anyone over 16 years old.

Restore Scar Therapy Practitioner

The Restore Scar Therapy Practitioner course is the number one course for treatment for all kinds of scar tissue and adhesions for professional therapists to complete. Through blended online and in person tutoring you will learn:

  • Specialist scar massage techniques for scar tissue, fibrosis and underlying adhesions
  • Holistic scar therapy treatment for keyhole or open surgeries
  • Self-scar care techniques to help clients promote scar healing and reduce common symptoms associated with scars
  • How to influence adhesions and fascial changes resulting from tensional changes from scars through scar massage and fascial techniques.

Functional Reflex Therapy

A unique form of reflexology with a supportive framework encouraging a meaningful connection ‘beyond the touch’.

The nurturing concept of FRT was initially developed from Lorraine’s experience and effective practice in school supporting the emotional wellbeing of young people with additional and diverse needs, high levels of anxiety and communication difficulties.

Exceeding all expectations, with the work and passion of reflexologists the model continues to develop. There are now many pathways of support using the principles of Functional Reflex Therapy beneficial for the wider community.

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