Reiki 1

Learn a simple energy healing technique to share with your friends, family and pets. During the training day, you will focus on practical energy work.

You will start to work with your energy in different ways. You will learn to feel your own energy and practice feeling other people’s energy, we will run through some Japanese energy exercises that you can use every day to balance your energy system and make you a stronger and clearer channel for Reiki. These energy exercises come from Japanese Reiki, in its original and later forms, and have been missing from Western Reiki for 50 years.

To book –

Maximum 4 students per course.

This course is equivalent to more than two days of training with home study.

Your training includes:

Practical Training Days = 1

Manual and supporting material (for home study)

Reiki First Degree Certificate

First-Degree costs £160. Pay a deposit of £80 now and a further £80 to your teacher on the day of your course. (for beginners)

Friday 9th June 9.30am – 5.30pm

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