Massage with pre-blended aromatherapy oils


This course offers a comprehensive study of essential oils, anatomy, massage theory and techniques, and client consultation methods to start or progress your career as a complementary therapist.

This course is module 2 of the three-step pathway to the  full Level 3 Aromatherapy qualification

Tuesday 17th, 31st January, 21st February, 7th March, 21st March 2023

9.30am – 3.00pm


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3 in stock

Back in 1989 when I was a therapist in the salon, I trained in aromatherapy with the legendary Eve Taylor. Clinical aromatherapy or ‘blending’ essential oils was considered an essential skill of a beauty therapist. However, as the increase in companies such as Elemis and Espa that produced ready blended oils for therapists to use, the skills became less in demand and therefore so did the training.  Aromatherapy became more of a specialist area with therapists choosing to specialise in the techniques rather than as an add-on for beauty treatments. Around 2006, as a result of the integrated health bill, instigated by the then Prince Charles, there was a new set of professional standards created which changed the face of aromatherapy qualifications.  The core curriculum is a bit of a monster in terms of knowledge requirements including a great deal of chemistry! As a result, many training organisations, Phoenix included, stopped delivering this full aromatherapy qualification in favour of the smaller course in massage using preblended oils. One of the reasons we stopped delivering the course was that I couldn’t find anyone with sufficient knowledge and experience.

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In-house classroom dates:

Tuesday 17th, 31st January, 21st February, 7th March, 21st March 2023

Kit required:

We work with Purple Flame aromatherapy oils. You will need to purchase a small kit costing £28.00

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