Lymphatic Drainage Massage


The investment in this training covers 2 therapists

LDM uses simple massage techniques which aim to mimic the action of the lymphatic system optimising the function of the system.

9.30am – 4.00pm

The investment in this workshop covers 2 therapists and can be scheduled around your requirements.

By using a range of specialised, gentle, rhythmic pumping techniques in the direction of the lymph nodes the therapist can manually encourage the movement of lymph fluid back into the vessels, through the nodes and eventually back into the bloodstream.  This facilitates the removal of excess fluid, expedites the detoxification functions of the lymphatic system and enhances clients’ well-being whether they have oedema or not.

Additional information


Models will be provided for you – please bring your usual bed set up including towels & sheets.


A regulated qualification in body massage

Kit & Workwear:

Our massage therapists wear soft trousers and a polo shirt. Please wear professional attire as you will be working on models.


As part of our safe working practices, you will be required to make a COVID declaration and provide your own Type 2 Face mask & visor. For further information, please read our risk assessment

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