Intro to body massage


A rewarding career, especially for those who would like flexible working hours on a self-employed basis. Massage is the practice of manipulating body tissue systematic use of classical massage to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Find out if this could be the career change that you are looking for by attending this intro to body massage workshop. This cost is for 2 delegates, so why not come with a friend or partner?


2 in stock

2 in stock

This workshop will introduce you to the practical aspects of massage, working on models, you will be instructed through the various massage movements to provide a full body treatment. If this is something that you enjoy, then there is the option to continue your studies with additional practical workshops and online learning.

This cost is for 2 delegates, so why not come with a friend or partner?

You will learn how to give a full body massage treatment using effleurage & petrissage movements, to provide relaxation and eliminate general body aches & pains.

This workshop is not designed for professional practice, however will enable to massage treatments for friends and family.

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21MD, 22MA


This programme follows the National Occupational Standards (NOS). This Blended programme with 3 practical days will gain accreditation for licence and insurance to practice.

Kit & Workwear:

Our massage therapists wear soft trousers and a polo shirt. If you are new to the industry, we would request that you wear the Phoenix uniform, if you are already working in the industry then we are happy for you to wear what you would wear in the salon for professional practice.

You will need to purchase a massage plinth, single flat sheet, towels & supports.


As part of our safe working practices, you will be required to make a COVID declaration and provide your own Type 2 Face mask & visor. For further information, please read our risk assessment