Crystal Chakra-ology


This masterclass is for reflexologists to enhance their treatments by using the chakras of the body and associated crystals.

9.30am – 3.00pm

22C: Friday 23rd September 2022

23A: Wednesday 15th February 2023

23B: Sunday 9th July 2023



The origins of the modern chakra system date back to the Vedas which are the old and most sacred texts of ancient Indian culture. These are the basis of modern Ayurvedic medicine and Hinduism.  In Ayurvedic medicine, illness is seen as a blockage in energy starting at one or more of the chakras. Even acupuncture acknowledges the blocked flow of energy along the meridian lines as the root cause of illness and pain. However, modern Western allopathic medicine is one of the few traditions that does not believe in energy blockage and chakras and the power they have to alleviate pain in mind, body and spirit.

Just as your central nervous system regulates and manages your physical body so your chakra system regulates and manages messages within your subtle or etheric body.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel and when in alignment and harmony the chakras spin rhythmically, are open and allow the body’s energy to flow freely.

Chakras have been the focus of spiritual teaching since ancient times and throughout the world. Chakras are the gathering centres of energy within and next to your body.  They determine where, how and for what purpose energy is flowing within your body and your aura (the first layer of the human energy field).

The unimpeded flow of energy is vitally important for your health, happiness and synergy within your environment.

The chakras are doorways to spiritual power and have been an ongoing source of fascination for thousands of years. The chakra system is the basis of spiritual practices around the world and even yoga uses it.  It is based on 7 chakras throughout the body which are physical energy centres and another 2 which are anchor centres which connect you to Earth and Spirit.

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22C: Friday 23rd September 2022, 23A: Wednesday 15th February 2023, 23B: Sunday 9th July 2023