Crystal Chakra-Fusion


Take your treatments to another level.

9.30 am – 3.00 pm

Sunday 4th August 2024

Tuesday 3rd December 2024

Sunday 17th August 2025

In traditional Indian head massage your client is seated during their treatment creating an energy flow. As a therapist, we work on the three higher chakras, The throat, the third eye and the crown. Over the years I have had to adapt my massage treatments to cater for individual client needs and that is where “Crystal Fusion, Advanced Massaged Techniques” was born.

I have found that not all of my clients have been comfortable or able to sit in a chair for the duration of the treatment which means I have adapted the treatment for my clients and carried out the massage while they are supine on a massage couch. However, I still wanted to be able to work on their chakra which is where the idea began.

With my client lying comfortably on the massage couch I am able to place chakra crystals along the centre of their body. This means I can help align and balance the 7 chakras and not just the higher three. This massage continues to benefit the client by aiding in relaxation, releasing muscle tension and renewing energy levels.

Using crystals to align the chakras will then aid in dispelling negative energies from the body and create balance.

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Sunday 4th August 2024, Tuesday 3rd December 2024, Sunday 17th August 2025

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