Basic life support for therapists


This course has been specifically designed by Alpha Complex Training for therapists working on their own within their treatment room or the client’s home.

22C: Saturday 26th November 2022

23A: Tuesday 28th February 2023

23B: Tuesday 6th June 2023

9.30am – 4.00pm


Would you be confident in delivering  CPR and managing a patient in a cardiac arrest within your treatment room?
Would you be confident in using a defibrillator?
Do you understand exactly what immediate CPR does?
Would you recognise a patient who is having a heart attack or stroke and what might be the signs they are about to go into cardiac arrest?
Not only are these skills vital to know at work but at home and you never know when you might be out somewhere and someone needs help when everyone stands around and watches.


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22C: Saturday 26th November 2022, 23A: Tuesday 28th February 2023, 23B: Tuesday 6th June 2023