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Elevate your reflexology practice with comprehensive nail health expertise







Why Nail Health Matters

As reflexologists, our commitment to holistic well-being extends beyond pressure points and meridians—it encompasses the overall health of our clients’ feet and nails. Nail health is a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect of foot care. Understanding the structure, function, and growth cycle of nails is essential for offering comprehensive care and informed advice on foot health. Your clients trust you with their overall well-being, and as a reflexologist, you are uniquely positioned to observe and address changes in their feet and nails.

This masterclass is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate your practice and provide enhanced services to your clients.




We understand the challenges you face as a reflexologist and independent therapist. That’s why we’ve collaborated with industry leaders like Feetcalm and Duet Diabetes and using scientifically formulated products to bring you an exclusive pedicure course designed to empower and enhance your client offerings.

This programme is open to qualified therapists who would like to elevate their practice to new heights, help clients say goodbye to common concerns like fungal toes and provide retail opportunities to sustain their professional practice.


Our training partners.


Duet Diabetes

Founded by Lynne Reedman, dedicated to delivering education and training to empower people working in care, health, beauty or wellness roles; enabling them to make a positive difference to adults living with diabetes


Only Footcare

Founded by Brenda Griffin, a leading foot care specialist and therapist. She introduced the UK market to the concept of toenail reconstructions back in 2000 at the College of Podiatry annual conference. Since then, this activity has become a mainstream CPD activity in professional foot health care.


Feetcalm products

Feetcalm takes foot care to the next level, dedicated to offering effective footcare solutions that are backed by science. Their commitment to excellence is unwavering.    All products in the range, from miraculous mousses to innovative foot ampoules, are conceived, formulated and manufactured in Spain. With a dedication to scientific rigour and the highest standards, Feetcalm provides foot care solutions to meet the most demanding requirements. Feetcalm believes in creating everyday foot care that reaches to the root of common concerns, with effective solutions. Using ingredients that are designed to respect the skin, the Feetcalm products deliver results.

What You’ll Learn:

This comprehensive program contains 7 modules

  • Tools and techniques used within foot treatments
  • Structure, function and pathologies of the nail unit
  • Safety and hygiene
  • Understanding the diabetic foot
  • Product knowledge
  • Practical protocols
  • Retail practice

Once you join the program, you will be given access to all the pedicure learning materials through the online platform Therapy Learning Resources so that you may start the learning process when it suits you.

Online Diabetic Foot Awareness for Beauty and Wellness Therapists

    • What diabetes is and the associated signs and symptoms
    • A brief overview of the short/long-term effects (complications) of diabetes
    • What is a foot ulcer?
    • The observable risk factors leading to foot problems
    • Suitable and unsuitable footwear for people with diabetes
    • The causes of neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease (PAD)
    • The appropriate action to take and advice to give clients
    • A practical demonstration by the educator who then observes and assists the learners during their practical session. The course is designed for beauty and wellness therapists to understand the diabetic foot and feel confident of when to treat and when to leave alone.  Your educator will also share with you the advice to give and when to encourage clients to seek additional foot care from a healthcare professional if you spot signs of foot problems.

Online Product knowledge training


Practical Workshop

  • Practice sessions, learning the new skills and completing 6 case studies at home, in-between sessions

Practical day 1: Therapists will work on each other to ensure that the techniques developed are safe

  • preparation for pedicure treatment
  • consultation techniques to identify treatment objectives
  • nail and skin analysis
  • provide clear recommendations to the client
  • selecting products, tools, and equipment to suit client treatment needs, skin and nail conditions

Practical day 2: Models are provided for maximum development of skills

  • review of learning and treatment practice
  • use products, tools, equipment, and techniques to suit client’s treatment needs, nail and skin conditions

Practical day 3: assessment of skills and knowledge

  • Case study sessions covering 6 clients with documented evidence, before and after photographs to be sent for review and discussion.
  • Practical day 2 including assessment (5 hours)
  • Practical day 3 plus assessment

It is estimated that you will need approximately 60 hours to complete the theory and assessment of knowledge.

Sunday 9.30am – 4.00pm

Course A: 8th September 2024, 13th October & 10th November

Course B: 16th February, 16th March & 27th April 2025

Benefits of training

Enhanced Client Trust: Your clients will appreciate your comprehensive approach to their foot health.

Increased Revenue Opportunities: Combining reflexology with pedicure services allows you to offer additional services, increasing your earning potential.

Professional Growth: Stay ahead in your field with up-to-date knowledge and skills in nail health.

The cost of the training and online support is £295

This may be paid for via payment plan, 3 payments of £99

Duet Diabetes online training


payable upon booking – this may be taken at any time, however must be completed for full accreditation.

FeetCalm product & Tool kit – purchased directly from Only Foot Care

Feetcalm Pedicure products:
● Tired Feet Salts 200gm
● Exfoliating Body Scrub 125 ml
● Callus & Hard Skin Spray 125ml
● Ultra Hydrating Mousse 125 ml
● Foot Massage Serum 125ml
● Foot & Shoe Deodorant 125 ml
● Feetcalm Foot Rasp

Pedicure instruments 
● Cuticle Nipper Silver – 3mm
● Blacks File, Double Ended
● Nail Nipper Concave Smooth Handles -14cm
● Diamond Nail file 15cm



Kaeso bearberry smoothie cuticle remover 195ml 1

Mundo power plus ultra 500ml 1

Beauty Essentials deluxe couch roll 20″ 1

Nitrile gloves powder-free black, medium (100)

These items can be ordered through Ellison College account at a discount.  They will be delivered to Phoenix


You will also need to supply:

Cotton wool

Polish remover in case your client has nail varnish


Box for sanitising/storing tools

Pedicure bowl for soaking the feet


Good light

Unable to attend in person?


This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course delves into the intricate details of the nail unit, including its structure and function, factors affecting nail growth, and common disorders and pathologies. You will also gain valuable insights into foot and nail care advice, equipping you with the expertise to provide exceptional care and guidance to your clients. Enhance your professional skills and stay ahead in your practice by enrolling in our online theory course today.

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