HHNG/TBG Trans Awareness

Would you like to be Trans Awarness Trained?
I run a monthly webinar with Barber Keri Nobbs (they are a Barber) on this subject and would love to train as many hair and beauty professionals as physically possible by the end of the year!
What will this do for you?
🤩For starters you’ll get a shiny certificate to display to your existing and potential clients showing how epic and inclusive you are.
🤓Then as a therapist or stylist you’ll be more employable as you’ll be trained in this subject already
💷You will make your clinic/salon/spa more open to a while market of customers that you are potentially excluding. And who doesn’t want new customers
😇You will also be donating to Sparkle – The National Transgender Charity
Ready to sign up?
It’s just £45 pp and delivered over Zoom so you can sit back, grab a brew and a pen and learn about all Trans!
Find out when the next training is by visiting the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BeautyGuruSam/


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