First Steps is here to help you.

We understand that just because you have a piece of paper saying that you’re qualified it doesn’t mean that yore confident within professional practice.
Part of our commitment to you is to help you build a career and business by offering you the opportunity to offer treatments in the First Steps programme.

If you are keen to gain further experience, maybe refreshing your skills or returning to the industry, this is a perfect opportunity.

  • First Steps runs on a Thursday 10.00 am – 9.00 pm and you can commit to any number of 1.5-hour sessions. 
  • Phoenix will help bring clients to you and you will be jointly responsible for rebooking them and or treating them on a mobile basis or at your treatment room once you have this setup.
  • You will have access to the FRESA account to see their contact details and we encourage you to get them to join your mailing list (I can help you set this up too)
  • The client will pay Phoenix £5.00 as a booking fee and the balance of £20 directly to you.

“After I obtained my Full Body Massage Qualification I opted to take part in the “First Steps” programme. This gave me the opportunity to develop people who were on the “Friends of Phoenix” listing into my own client base. Many of the people I treated under the programme I already knew because they’d been models during the training. It would recommend the programme to any newly qualified therapists looking to develop their confidence and their own treatment style in a comfortable and secure environment. When you’re working with people you already know through your training, you can use them as guinea pigs and get great feedback, without having to worry that they won’t come back. They are aware that you’re on a development path and know that things won’t necessarily be perfect to start with. It a great way to consolidate your knowledge before venturing out into the therapy world”

Sue Walker-Newson

Perfect Pressure Massage & Reflexology

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