Time rich but cash poor- so how do you progress?

It’s a real chicken & egg situation, you know you can help more clients if you have more skills, which in turn will provide more income, however, you don’t have the money to invest in the training. 

I hear this all the time from our therapists once they have been in practice for a while, so we have come up with a cunning scheme to help our therapists who would like to get ahead of the game and thrive rather than just survive.

This ‘Earn to Learn’ scheme has been designed for Phoenix Therapists to address the issue of wanting to enhance your treatments knowing that it will make a better offering for your clients, but not having the money upfront to be able to do so, and can be used for Mian Dui, Mian Shenti, Mian Dianti, 1-1 bespoke training & stone therapy massage.

Q: If I want to Learn to Earn, what workshops does this apply to?

Mian Dui, Mian Shenti, Mian Dianti, 1-1 bespoke training, stone massage, deep tissue massage

Q: If I want to Earn to Learn, how does this work?

If you have existing skills that you can offer to our Friends of Phoenix client base, the income generated will be credited to your training account.

Q: When is the studio available to use?

Thursdays daytime and evenings

Q: How many treatments would I need to do?

A:  This depends on the workshop that you are attending, so we would need to discuss this too.

Q: Do I need to provide all my own products and bedding?

A: Yes, you would need to provide your own bedding and products, as always if you needed to borrow additional items from the studio you absolutely could – we trust you as a professional and Phoenix Therapist.

Q: Is this scheme open to anyone?

A: No, this scheme is only available to Phoenix trained Therapists.

Interested in joining this scheme?

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