Who else wants to grow their therapy business this year, make more money, serve more customers and be more fulfilled than ever before, despite the economic carnage that’s going on around us……?

You know, we’re in an interesting position as therapists, the reality is that a good chunk of our market is likely to prove very resilient in 2023.

For many of our clients, treatments are important, they’re using therapies to enhance their well-being, and they want to feel good and look after themselves.

And so, a good chunk of business in our market is likely to be relatively unaffected by the cost-of-living crisis and any economic downturn. But there will be some clients who either delay or defer coming to see you for treatment. Some, however, and you might be finding this already, are going longer between treatments, or maybe not coming back at all.

As therapists, it’s our job to make sure that we are as well positioned as possible to get as many of the clients that are ready to spend into our clinics or to get the bookings to fill our diaries.

And at times like this when the going gets a bit tough (as it does in any business from time to time) that we need to look for additional ways in which we can serve our clients better. At Phoenix, we help therapists to create a proper business that is sustainable in times of crisis and that doesn’t always mean just doing more treatment courses.

You may have already noticed that the most resilient businesses are those with a great deal of experience and more skills than just the reflexology or massage skills they left college with.  We have found that therapists in their first 3 years of a business are still very much floundering when it comes to leveraging their time for money, upselling, ensuring they have solutions to their clients’ problems and being THE one that the client just cannot do without each month.

Join our Business Building programme


This is a blended programme with support from open-access background knowledge through the Therapy Learning Resources platform and a 6-week virtual classroom 1-hour session via Google Meet.  Tuesday 8.00-9.00pm 10th, 17th & 31st January, 7th, 14th & 21st February 2023

Session 1: – Understand your ‘WHY’, define your terms & understand the numbers.

Session 2: – Create the strategy and understand the financials

Session 3: – Understanding your market and how best to speak to them

Session 4:- Working ON your business rather than IN your business

Session 5 – Accountability and legal requirements

Session 6:- Your business scorecard, sustainability and growth

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