Anatomy, physiology & pathology

is the foundation of all complementary therapies.


The human body is amazing. It’s a complex, highly sophisticated machine, which works at six levels. The most fundamental level is the chemicals of the body, which are the building blocks, called atoms are essential for maintaining life. They combined to create molecules and the molecules combined to create cells. Cells are the basic structure of life. There are many different types of cells, and they all have a specific function. Cells combined to form tissues, tissues, are collections of cells, and there are four tissue types that perform specific functions. Two or more tissue types combined to form an organ. organs have very specific functions and are recognised by their shape and location. organs that share a common function combined to create a system. So, a system is a collection of organs that perform a specific function, such as the digestive system, which is responsible for the intake breaking down digestion and absorbing a food. Lastly, systems combined in a very specific way to create an organism.

In addition to understanding the organisation of the body, you will also cover understanding the anatomy, physiology and pathologies of the

  • Skin, hair and nails
  • Skeletal system
  • Muscular system
  • Nervous system
  • Endocrine system
  • Cardiovascular system
  • Lymphatic system
  • Digestive system
  • Urinary system
  • Reproductive system

Each of the units is divided into bite-sized lessons including:

  • What you need to know for each unit
  • Study skills guidance
  • Glossary of terms for easy reference
  • Videos for those who prefer visual learning
  • Downloadable audio for those who like to listen on the go
  • Word document activity books
  • Detailed images for visual learners multiple-choice review questions to test knowledge
  • Unit assessment with randomised question bank and a pass mark
  • Completion certificate
  • A dedicated WhatsApp group, you’ll be part of a community & enjoy small group revision sessions through our online virtual classroom
Louise Searles

Louise Searles

Director of Training

I’m so pleased to be able to introduce you to a new and exciting way of learning to gain a recognised qualification in anatomy, physiology, and pathology.

This video-based eLearning programme has taken many years of researching how best my learners like to learn.

There are 12 systems that you need to explore starting with the organisation of the body.

One of the most important things to know when you’re working towards a qualification is exactly what you need to know.

Qualification knowledge requirements

Each unit has several lessons broken down into bite-sized learning and within the lesson, there are a variety of resources available to ensure that every learning style is catered for.

Every learning style is catered for

There are videos and lots of lovely, detailed images

Audio to download

audio that you can download and listen to on the run, in the car or whilst your completing chores

Easy to read diagrams

Not all images you find on the internet or even textbooks are accurate and clear

A workbook

A downloadable workbook with tasks to complete which can act as a learning tool as well as a revision guide

multiple-choice questions

lots of multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge after each lesson. At the end of each unit, there’s also an assessment of learning with a pass mark required, so I know that you will be fully prepared for your exams

Pre requisites
This course is suitable for all learners with no previous anatomy experience and can be taken completely through a phone or other mobile device. No need for a computer.
This course leads to the taking of the regulated qualification  City & Guilds Level 3 qualification programme mapped to the Core Curriculum for Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Body Massage and is linked to the Skills for Health NOS.
Exam procedure
Once you successfully completed the course and achieve 80% in each unit module, you will be invited to take the externally marked online exam. We are currently building our network of assessment centres with the aim of ensuring you won't have to travel more than an hour to a destination. Alternatively, if you have a Windows computer and a secondary device, you are able to access the City & Guilds 'Test at Home' platform to take the exam
Guided learning hours required

It is recommended that 94 guided learning hours are allocated for this unit.

Start dates

You may start whenever is convenient for you. Once you have booked the course, you will also need to complete the registration process to become a City & Guilds learner


It’s important to maintain knowledge, especially when working in direct contact with clients with conditions and pathologies. Some professional membership organisations require this each year to comply with their membership requirements


Sadly, not all training organisations offer good thorough training using a diverse range of learning styles. This course can be used to underpin your training.  It has been written to match the requirements of all awarding Organisations qualifications


As a stand-alone qualification that you can use as a pre-requisite to much practical training such as kinesiology and Bowen therapy.

Learners we’ve helped

A well presented, an easy-to-use programme

The A&P online learning system is broken down into really useful bitesize chunks, I liked the links to external resources which provoked additional learning along the way if interested. The quiz’s made sure that the learnings were absorbed and were a really useful way to double-check learnings prior to the final assessment. Overall well presented, an easy-to-use programme which worked well & gave me the opportunity to learn from my phone when travelling as well as on my desktop at home.

Andrea – Massage therapist

An online resource accessible 24/7

As a tutor and love teaching my subject but not so much the a&p! It was always a struggle to find images, quizzes and good content. Then I discovered TLR. An online resource accessible 24/7 to users and contains everything your students need. It’s aligned to all awarding bodies via NOS.

The content is accessible to all students whether they learn visually, aurally, by reading or by doing. There’s text, audio, images, quizzes and so much more which are all downloadable making it so accessible to students’ lives.

It has made my teaching life so much easier as I know students have access to quality content that I don’t have to spend an age tracking down on the web

Michelle – A&P educator

Far better than my previous experience

For me, learning A&P was pretty hard, but that’s mainly because there was just so much content to absorb. 
The structure of the Phoenix course was far better than my previous experience of solely using textbooks. The breakdown of topics was spot-on, and the tests at the end of each section were the only way I knew I was on track. Everyone has their own way of learning, and with the TLR you get the options of audio, visual and written information; I found the downloadable workbooks and online mini-tests invaluable!
Thank you again for giving me the tools to achieve my best results!
Vix – Reflexologist

You cab check your understanding

What I like most about the online A&P is that you can use it to see how much of an understanding you have of a subject before moving on.

Wendy – Soul Therapy Massage

Definitely 5 Stars from me!

I would highly recommend this course! It was an absolute God-send to me whilst revising A&P.
I don’t think I could have passed without it. I found watching and listening to videos on all the body systems, a great way to learn and much easier than reading from a book. The additional activities and mini-revision tests were also a great way to review and test your knowledge. 

Ali – Reflexologyist & facialist

A Brilliant resource

A great tool for learning, easy to understand and keep learners engaged, our students love working through them and get a buzz when they complete. I totally recommend them as an addition to any class-based learning. Such an easy way to get students to learn often complected and boring subjects

Sarah Hallaran – Oasis Spa & training provider

Fun and diverse!

During my online learning, I was using a laptop, tablet and sometimes my phone. The course is very well thought through and designed to suit every learning style. The audio recordings aligned with text and pictures make this combination a fantastic tool to gain knowledge and understanding easier than any other course I have done thus far. On top of that, every module has a number of exercises and tests to solidify every topic before the final assessment. If you are looking for diverse learning resources that are fun and capturing rather than boring and unmotivating, this is a perfect course for you.

Patricja – Choose Life massage therapist

Super helpful resource

The course was very well laid out and gave a lot of information but broke it down into manageable chunks. It was very easy to use and gives you the opportunity to go back and review any sections or re-take any quizzes at your own pace. Very user-friendly!

Bobby – Reflexologyist

Very good and informative

Very Good and informative.. have to admit when you first start and look through what you will have to do it seems overwhelming but if you work on bite-size portions at a time, seems more manageable.

Book this course

Learning resource only £275 – This option provides you will all the support needed if you are studying elsewhere and a CPD certificate of achievement to be used with alternative training providers

City & Guilds qualification £325 – This option includes exam & certificate fees. As a City & Guilds learner, you will need to take the induction and registration process before being able to be registered to the scheme

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