Sue Haynes – Fertility and maternity reflexology specialist

In 2002 I was a Market Research Manager and loved my high pressure job. I worked long hours and had a 40 mile commute each way and although it took me a while to realise it, it took its toll on my mind and body. My journey into complementary therapy began one morning when I awoke with a stiff neck. I arrived at work and decided I should probably book myself in for a massage, even though I’d never had one before.

My therapist was also a Reflexologist and food intolerance tester and after a few massages she suggested I should give both a go. The food intolerance test concluded that I most likely had Candida (which would explain why I’d been feeling so dreadful for months) and the Reflexology helped me start to feel better. I was so blown away by how much Reflexology helped that I decided to learn how to do it myself.

I was lucky enough to train with the most knowledgeable and passionate trainer I could have found. She not only inspired me to become a full-time therapist; she also taught me the importance of continuous learning. Since my initial training with her I’ve learned from some of the best Reflexologists in the world.

I qualified as a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner in 2003 and took redundancy from the job I had once loved. In 2004 I moved to Leeds and used my redundancy cash to set up my complementary therapy practice.  Later I trained in Indian Head Massage and became a Reiki Master Practitioner. For several years now I’ve specialised in fertility and maternity Reflexology and supporting clients living with stress and anxiety.

In 2018 I opened up The Old Surgery therapy centre in Meanwood with a colleague and friend, and finally had the space to help other therapists on their therapy journey.

For me, complementary therapies aren’t just a way of plugging the gaps in conventional medicine and helping people feel better; they’re also part of a journey of self-discovery for both therapists and their clients.

My passion is focused towards fertility and maternity Reflexology and supporting clients living with stress and anxiety.

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